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Sunken Excavator in Tenerife

Find out how to get to this sunken excavator (pikareta) in south Tenerife.

In Tenerife, there are multiple wrecks, this one in specific it is an excavator. This Old Caterpillar excavator can be found in the coastal town of Callao Salvaje, in South Tenerife and it can be accessed by freediving as it is between 10 to 12 meters (32 to 40 feet) under the sea, depending on the tide.

This Wreck has been given the name of “Pikareta”. The story behind it is that it was broken while doing some work in mid-water so instead of going through the hustle of bringing it out, they decided to just take out the batteries gas, and other stuff and finish sinking it.

Not many people know about this place, and it isn’t a touristy area so often there won’t be anyone else looking for this sunken excavator.

Here is a short video of what to expect and the instructions to find “La Pikareta”.

The Beach Access

The easiest to the “Pikereta” is to enter through the beach marked on the map. You can also get the exact coordinates by clicking here.

Now to get to the beach there are also two options. They are building some new houses right next to it so the access is a bit tricky.

Option 1

The fastest way to the beach to see “Pikereta” is to enter through the Beach Club. The entry is supposed to be free as you only pay for hammocks and sunbeds, and technically you could be just going to the restaurant.

Walk to the back right side and you’ll see some stairs to get down.

Option 2

In case the Beach Club is closed you can go around the big building and walk through the small path on the left.

How to find The Sunken Exavator

Once on the beach just enter the water, and swim straight. It’s not too far from the shore (about 25 meters) so it will just take about 5 minutes to get to the “Pikereta”.

The area

As we mentioned earlier the excavator is found 10-12 meters underwater, so it is possible to get there on apnea. The excavator is also visible from the surface on clear days.

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