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Hi, my name is Gonzalo Peral and I’m obsessed with traveling. About a year ago I was planning a trip and tried to get some information about the destination I was planning to visit, but all I could find were boring explanations about the history of the place. Everything was written in an strange way, which I later lernt that was SEO optimization (Which consist on repeting keywords in order to rank for search results) There was no useful information for someone like me on this post, but this article was the first search results on Google.

So that’s how  TRALEI (A combination of the Words Travel and Leisure) was born.  I decided to create a blog to share tips and tools to travel more efficiently and ultimately build a community of travelers that can cooperate with each other. I’m trying to accomplish this by giving insightful information such as live webcams, distances, accurate parking & route locations, prices, and things to be conscious of, but mostly about how to travel efficiently and to save money in the locations or activities that I review.

I also love photography, video making, and capturing destinations from a bird’s view to share a different view of the destinations we showcase. Finally, Tralei also provides Free Travel Checklists, a Vacation Tracker, and plenty of guides to different destinations around the world wound in our Blog

About Me - Gonzalo Peral - Creator of Tralei Travel

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