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Best Sand Beaches in Tenerife

There are plenty of good sand beaches in Tenerife, you just need to find them. In this article we will review and give you directions to the Best Sand Beaches in Tenerife.

Let’s be honest, you’ve come to Tenerife because of the climate and to enjoy its beaches, but everywhere you go it looks like beaches are just covered with boulders. Well, Tralei is here to save you, not all beaches in Tenerife are covered with boulders there are many sand beaches too and we will show you the best ones in this article. 

We’ve added some live view camera links for you to be able to check live weather too. (Note that if you open multiple live cam links you will see the live location of the last link even if the tittle says different. Close each page before opening a new one)

Note that if you are a bit adventurous and don’t like following the crowds we have another article covering The Best Hidden Sand Beaches In Tenerife, but be aware that they can be dangerous or hard to access. But in case you prefer beaches with hammocks and dining and activities around here you have a list of the best:

1 & 2. El Médano & La Tejita Beach

These two beaches are together because they’re really close to each other. They are separated by the Red mountain, but they both are accessed from the same exit from the highway. If you feel like hiking the red mountain, it’s 561 feet high ( 171 meters) and you can take  paths from both beaches to go to the top.

El Médano Beach

El Médano Beach is a city beach, which makes it crowded sometimes and hard for parking. The main beach is a bit small and on weekends it gets to the point where no one else fits in there, but if you keep walking through the promenade, you will find other small beaches. On the last beach there are a lot of rental activities and is mainly used for surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing… basically all types of surfing. Along the promenade, there are plenty of shops and places to eat.

La Tejita Beach

On the other hand, La Tejita is a way bigger beach. It has an extension of 1 Km, all covered in thin sand. You need to park 5 minutes away from the beach in a parking lot which is in the middle of nowhere. There are places to eat 5 minutes away from the right side of the beach, which can take up to 20 minutes if you’re on the farthest side of the beach. There’s a part of the beach on the left where nudity is permitted. And if you cross the rocks on the left side there’s another really small beach where you will find almost everyone naked.

3. Las Teresitas Beach

Las Teresitas is the main Beach in Santa Cruz, the capital city of Tenerife. It use to be a beach with big boulders and strong currents but today it’s an artificial beach, covered in white sand brought from the Sahara Desert and see walls to stop the strong currents and waves from the Atlantic Ocean. This makes it perfect for families and Kids who can walk and play across the 1,3 Km of extension, and 80 meters of width the beach has. 

There are a couple of “chiringuitos”, some volleyball courts, and plenty of hammocks along the beach. There is also a nearby town (2 min drive) called San Andés, which has some small supermarkets and cheap restaurants.

4. Del Duque Beach

El Duque is not a widely known beach in Tenerife, even though it is surrounded by +5 hotels and a luxury shopping center. Don’t think that the blue of the water is photo editing, it actually looks like that, but it’s also tricky as the water is not that clear. 

Regarding parking, there are 2 options. There is underground parking for around 1.25 € for each hour. Or there are some free parking spots on a rocky piece of land within a 10 min walk of the beach. Here are the locations. The place is very touristy with some excellent restaurants and hammock rentals. There is also a place by the left of the beach where the waves carry you through the shore, and it’s enjoyable for kids & even adults.

5, 6 & 7. Los Cristianos, Las Vistas & Camison Beaches

These 3 beaches are in Arona, the most touristy area of Tenerife, which means that you will find plenty of restaurants, bars, and services but also crowds, and difficult parking.

Los Cristianos Beach

Los Cristianos beach is probably one of the most famous and touristy beaches of Tenerife, There is a port right in front of the beach with different size boats, yachts, ferries, and ships, Which makes it a common place for different water sports activities.

It is not very big (350 meters) and it usually gets crowded. There are Shops & restaurants right by the promenade.

It has lifguards, toilets and showers and hamocks for rent. Los Cristianos beach is worth visiting at any time of the day as the promenade and bars are also full of life during the evening.

Las Vistas Beach

 Las Vistas is the biggest of the 3  with 850 meters of extension. The sand and water on this beach are pristine. There are excellent beach amenities, such as volleyball courts on the left side, and lifeguards on duty (Red Cross Center). Along the promenade, there are plenty of shops, bars restaurants, and even fast food chains like Mcdonald’s.

The beach also has access for weelchairs, changing rooms and toilets.

El Camison Beach

This beach is a bit further from restaurants and bars, which makes it more calm and relaxing. The water is crystal clear, and the sand is clean and golden.

There are sunbeds and umbrellas/ huts to rent, but you can sit in the shade of palm trees, there are also lifeguards and public toilets available.

Watch out for the rocks in the water as there are a couple of them.

8. Jardín Beach

Playa Jardin is located in Puerto de la Cruz. For some reason, it’s labeled as Playa Maria Jiménez on Google Maps. It counts with volleyball courts and it’s also good for surfing as it has big waves.

9 & 10. Los Guios Beach & La Arena Beach

Both these black sand beaches are right next to Los Gigantes Cliffs, in Puerto Santiago

Los Guios Beach

Los Guios beach, apart from being a sand beach, has one of the best views as it’s right on the start of Los Gigantes cliffs. The beach is right next to a harbor and when entering the water there are some rocks, so be aware that is not as good as many of the other beaches listed in this article if you are looking for full sand beaches.

Parking is very limited as it is located in a small town, Puerto Santiago, but you can use the harbor parking.

Due to the recent falling of some rocks from Los Gigantes Cliffs this beach now closes at 6:00 PM (note as of 18th of July 2024) 

La Arena Beach

La Arena Beach also contains some rocks on the entrance, but there is a spot that is completely clear of rocks and that you can enter without any problems, the water is usually pretty clear so you will be able to find an entrance without rocks with no problem. 

The sand around the shoreline on this beach feels way softer than most beaches on the island, so even if the beach is short, walks around it are very pleasant. The beach is also great for snorkeling and there are many fish around the shore. There is also an option to visit a swimming hole within a 5-minute swim called Cueva de la Vaca [link coming soon] (Click to learn how to get there)

The beach has a lifeguard during high seasons, toilets, and sweet water showers.

If you think we forgot to mention anything, don’t hesitate to write in the comment section!

Thank you for reading!

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