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Best Hiking Trails in Tenerife

This article contains the best & most scenic hiking trails in the Island of Tenerife.

Tenerife is an island that offers a great variety of activities and one of them couldn’t be other than hiking routes. From cliffs, trough volcanos, and forests covered in vegetation to the highest peak in Spain, Tenerife has plenty of hikes to offer. In this article, we have gathered some of the most scenic hikes from the island, with information about reservations, distance, estimated hiking times, and trail start and endpoints.

We have also created a map with all the trailheads in this article and the closest parking. Each one goes on its own layer.

1. Mount Teide

Mount Teide is the highest point in all of Spain with an altitude of 3,715 m (12,188 ft). And the highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic. It is still somehow active as you can see and smell smoke coming out at the top.

 In order to summit this Volcano you will need a permit, which can be acquired here. (Note that you will need to reserve between 2 and 4 months in advance and select a 2-hour window).

The most famous trail starts at 2.200 meters of altitude, (There are many that are longer and more challenging, even starting at sea level). This main trail starts in the Sendero de Montaña Blanca, although there are only about 10 parking spots available. There is a bigger parking in Mirador El Tabonal Negro

The entire trail from the start of the trail to the peak is about 9 km (one way) and it takes between 4h 30 min and 5h 45 min depending on your level of fitness. 

Note that you will need the permit, no matter if you walk or take the cable car. The only activities that include the permit to summit El Teide are some guided tours like this one

In case you could not get a normal permit there is a different permit that can be acquired which is far less requested. This permit is to access the top between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM. This is recommended only during summer and you will need to be very prepared for the wind and the cold. You should be starting the way up at around 1:00 AM, but it is totally worth it as seeing the sunrise from the top of El Teide is something magical as you can appreciate a perfectly casted triangular shadow as the sun comes out. If you want to get this permit you can do so here:

Note that this is a Mountain hike and that adequate shoes and clothing are required. Even during summer, you will need to be prepared for the cold as the temperature at the peak during the months of summer oscillates between 0-7 ºC 

2. Pico Viejo

Pico Viejo is the second-highest peak in Tenerife at 3129 meters. It is also found in Teide’s National Park. This volcano last erupted in  1798 which left a visible lava flow called Narices del Teide that can be seen from the top. (and from the bottom at this viewpoint)

Apart from the views of both El Teide, and the “Narices del Teide” lava Flow, what makes Pico Viejo impressive and worth the hike is its 800m diameter crater and the ut to 150 meters elevation difference between the crest and the lowest point of the crater.

The trailhead to get to Pico Viejo starts at Roques de García and there are about 7 km and 1000 meters of elevation gain to the summit which takes people between 2-3 hours to complete.

Once at the top, there are 3 route options for the way back:

  1.  Return using the main trail back
  2.  Continue to climb up to the upper cable car of El Teide which is 3.1 km away and a 500m altitude climb. From there go down using the cable car. (You can check the pricing and the daily schedules here. Note that the cable car sometimes closes due to wind or other inclement weather conditions so this isn’t always a suitable option.) Note that once down on the Cable car base you will need to walk back to Los Roques in case you parked there which is a 4.5 km walk with 200m of elevation descent.
  3. Finally although, not for everyone you can do a 16Km route all the way back to “Roques De García” using trails 9, 28, 40, 26 & 3 (See Teide’s National Park Official Trails Map for reference)

Note that this is a Mountain hike and that adequate shoes and clothing are required. Even during summer, you will need to be prepared for the cold as the temperature at the peak during the months of summer oscillates between 4-12 ºC 

3. Anaga Natural Park

Anaga is a Natural Park in the Northeastern part of the island. Due to the high humidity and constant rain in the area, it has a very dense forest that looks like is out of a fairytale book. 

There are many hiking routes and we are currently working on adding more trails in Anaga but there is a short trail called the “Trail of the Senses“, which starts in the parking lot of “Mirador Cruz del Carmen” another main attraction of the park.

4. Buenavista Del Norte - Teno Alto - Punta De Teno

Punta de Teno is the Westernmost point in Tenerife, it has pristine waters, a relaxing environment, and a nice lighthouse, (although the access to it is currently closed)

This route starts on the barrier of the road heading to “Punta de Teno” (The point where only authorized vehicles are permitted and where you can take the public bus). Over there there is limited parking, so you may need to turn arround and search on this neighborhood 

The route consists of 2 parts, first a climb to Teno Alto. Which is 4 km in length with an elevation gain of about 680 meters. And then a 6km descent to “Punta de Teno”.

In teno there is a bar open along the route where you can stop for lunch, a quick snack, or water. The estimated time to complete the 10 Km to Punta de Teno is around 3 and a half hours. Once you arrive at the beach you have 3 options:

  1. Come back the same way
  2. Take bus line 369 back to the parking lot. (Make sure to check the schedules here).
  3. Walk back trough the paved road.

**Note. Teno is often windy so it is good to bring some adequate clothing.

5. Los Gigantes Hole

Los Gigantes are some massive cliffs on the Southwestern part of the island. When observin them you may have noticed an small hole on the top of one of the cliffs.

The route starts in the town of Tamaimo and as it is a non-official route, we have all the indications on a separate article so that you can get to the hole without getting lost.

6. Barranco De Masca

One of the most famous cliffs from Los Gigantes is Masca Cliff (Barranco De Masca). This trail starts in the small town of Masca and goes down to the nearest beach, Masca Beach. (Accessing the beach or swimming is not allowed). The total time of the trail “officially” is 3 hours to go down and 4 to come back up, but it took us 1 hour and 30 min each way not counting rest stops.  The distance is 4.8 km each way and there is an elevation difference of 750 meters

Reservation is needed and Hiking shoes are mandatory (and they are very picky about this, you will not be allowed to go on the trail if you bring running shoes). At the visitors center they will provide a helmet that you need to wear at all times during the trail.

There are only 2 timetables depending on the season: 

  • Summer (March To October(After time savings)): 8:30 a 11:00 (25 people every 30 min)
  • Rest Of the Year: 8:30 a 10:30 (30 people every 30 min)
The Trail is only open on weekends and reservations open 2 days before at noon. (Thursday at 12:00 PM you will be able to book Saturday and Friday at 12:00 PM you will be able to book Sunday).
Finally, In order to access Masca, unless you arrive before 9:00 A.M you should ride the 355 bus line from Santiago Del Teide as parking is very limited and you risk missing your reservation.

**Note. They are currently working on changes to the route. Beginning sometime in the next months you will have to grab a boat in Los Gigantes and then climb the cliff up. (only climbing up will be allowed) Once you arrive in Masca town you will need to grab a bus to go back. Check out the official page for new info.

7. Barranco Del Infierno

Barranco del Infierno is a 7.5 km out-and-back route that has a waterfall at the end of the entire cliff. the route takes about an hour each way.

There is limited access and there is an entrance fee in order to access the cliff, which as the one in Masca has to be done with a helmet.

Upon reservation you will need to select a timeframe which goes from 8:00 A.M to 14:30 daily. And the prices are the following:

Before going this are the rules stablished by the hike management:

  • Children must be at least 5 years old.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • It is MANDATORY to bring closed shoes appropriate for stony grounds. (NO FLIP FLOPS, NO HIKING SANDALS)
  • It is MANDATORY to wear the helmet given in the meeting point.
  • Animal Acces Is Not Permited.

8. Roque de Ichasagua

Thank you for reading our list of trails from Tenerife!

If you think we forgot to mention anything, or know about any other trails don’t hesitate to write in the comment section!

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