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El Condesito Tenerife – Exact location and how to get there

All the information to find the sunken ship wreck named “El Condesito” found in South Tenerife. (Close to el Palm-Mar)

In Tenerife, there are different wrecks, some of them are deep down and scuba immersions are needed, but El Condesito Shipwreck can be found about 12 to 15 meters (40 to 54 feet) under the sea, depending on the tide.

“El Condesito” was a 44-meter cargo ship transporting construction materials to the famous village of Los Cristianos. On a night of September 1973 after passing the town of Las Galletas, the ship collided with rocks and never reached its target. The red and white striped lighthouse that you can see during the walk to the area was built to prevent further ship wreckage.

It was a bit hard for us to find it as no other post had the location or how to access the site, only diving excursions. But it being a site that you can check out freediving we decided to share the step-by-step on how to find the wrecked ship and the exact location so that you can enjoy “El Condesito” too.

We also recorded a one-breath video of the ship so that you can check out what to expect if you decide to snorkel down to the wreckage. (Or just see it from the surface). 


The closest place to “El Condesito” is El Palm-Mar, we recommend parking your car in the map location, next to Rasca Castle, which is a wastewater treatment plant. El Palm-Mar is a luxurious neighborhood so it is safe to park on the streets.


Walking To the Access

From the parking spot, you will have to walk for 1.8 Km (about 30 minutes) right next to the shore until you get to the trail crossing on the picture where the infographic is situated (see gallery). The Ship is found on this exact point which is marked on Google Maps.

How to find "El Condesito" in the water

Once on the beach just enter the water from next to the pond in the image, and right away you will see some pieces of the wreckage on the sea floor. Just swim for 10 meters and you will see the entire boat.

The area

As we mentioned earlier the ship is found between 12 and 15 meters underwater, so it is possible to go down by free diving. There are plenty of trumpet fishes in the area and a variety of other marine species.

Thank you for reading! If you are in Tenerife make sure to explore all of our other articles

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