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Best Secret Sand Beaches in Tenerife

Looking for some beaches away from the main tourist destinations? At Tralei we’ve found some beaches that are even unknown to some locals.

In this post, you will find some of the most unknown and underrated sand beaches in Tenerife. Note that the reasons these beaches are hidden or unknown is because they either take too long to get there, the access is dangerous, or even involve swimming or paddling to get to the beach. Visit at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damages that may occur if you try to access the beaches listed in this article. If you are looking for beaches that are easily accessible check this other article: Cooming Soon

1. Arenal Beach

This beach is hard to access because it is not clear where you enter this beach. You might have even driven by the road that crosses it 300feet (100 meters) above and asked yourself: How do you access Arenal Beach? Well, you have two options, you will need to park in one of the villages that are on each side of this beach. If you decide to park in Punta Del Hidalgo you will have to take the path that starts here on the other hand if you park in Bajamar, which is the closest village you will take the path that starts here.

Note that on both routes there are no trespassing signs as there is a danger of landslides. In case you just want to appreciate the beach from a safe place there is a lookout point right here

Arenal Beach, Tenerife, Canary Islands

2, 3 & 4. Almagica, Benijo & Fabian Beaches

 All these 3 beaches are on this list because in order to access you need to go through Anaga Rural Park, which is crossed going up and down a mountain pass, which takes about an hour from Santa Cruz.

The three of them are very close to each other (within a 10-minute drive). That’s why they are all counted as one.

Almágica Beach

The first beach that you will arrive to it’s called Almágica Beach, which is the best of the three because it has two restaurants next to each other and even though there’s not much parking you can park on the sides of the road and you will get to the beach in less than a minute. The water is very clear. And like every other beach in the north, there are big waves.

There is also a place that you can see the entire small town on the beach from. (See the pictures)

Benijo Beach

The second beach has more parking spots but this one is in the middle of nowhere so you won’t have restaurant access or houses and it’s mostly used by surfers. It is usually more crowded than Almágica beach.

Fabián Beach

Finally, Fabián Beach is the last of all three and it’s the hardest one to get to. There are restaurants on this one too but just because parking it’s done 300 ft. (100 meters) above the beach. Most of the parking is only offered by the restaurants and you will have signs of private everywhere, but most people park there anyways.

In order to get to the beach you will have to go down some stairs and the beach has many rocks so this makes this one the least accessible of all three. The path and stairs to go to the beach start here.

5 & 6. Los Patos & Ancón Beach

Both of these beaches are really close to Puerto de la Cruz and are accessed through the same road. To get to both trails to the beach you will have to park your car in the same spot which is here. Both are black sand beaches and have big waves that are great for surfing, but be aware that there are hidden rocks on the water.

Anacón Bech

To get to Anacón Beach you will need to walk about 20 minutes and 1.3 km as you need to Park far from the entrance, because the road it’s restricted and only permitted for residents, plus there are no parking spots available if you go any further from this point. (same as parking spot on the top)

After walking through the road for about 7 minutes you’ll find a dead end, but on the left there’s a sign on the start of a trail that will get you to the. The sand on the beach is one of the softest in the entire island. The beach is divided into parts as there was recently a landslide and there are multiple signs that say that the beach shouldn’t be accessed as there is danger for a new landslide to happen, so be careful.

Los Patos Beach

Los Patos Beach is bigger and it takes about 12 minutes to get through the 750 meters of the trail up to the beach. The trail starts right here (Next to the Anacón beach sign) and there are some parts of the trail that are rocky and slippery so shoes are recommended. The last part of the trail has been redone and new stairs have been put in place. 

7. La Abama Beach

La Abama is a beach that is inside a 5-star luxury resort ( The Ritz-Carlton). It is a hidden beach because not many people know about it other than hotel guests and it is on this list because you will have to walk for about 15 minutes if you are not staying at the resort. (Guests have both a small train and a funicular to access the beach).

In order to access the beach you will need to park here or if that first parking is full go around to this other one.

8. El Puertito de Adeje

El Puertito is a beach with very limited parking, although sometimes someone from the village opens a private piece of land and charges 2 euros for parking (probably more if you look foreign). If you park here make sure you ask him what time will he leave, as he closes the fence after a certain hour.

Our recommendation for this beach is to go during low to medium tide, as otherwise there will be barely any sand.

The parking area is really close to the beach but we added it to the list because it is not very widely known. This is probably the most accessible beach from the list.

El Puertito De Adeje, Tenerife - Tralei

Thank you for reading! Once again, be careful when accessing these beaches.

If you want to go to the best easily accessible beaches we have an article with all of them called Best Sand Beaches In Tenerife. And if you have discovered any other hidden beaches in Tenerife, please, share them in the comments!

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