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The 12 Must Sees From Slovenia

Wandering what to see in Slovenia? What are the attractions that you can’t miss form the Slovenian Republic? In this article we will cover the 12 Main attractions in Slovenia, Including Caves, Cities, Castles and Nature Wonders.

This is a guide to visiting Slovenia during the summer. Before reading note that all prices were last updated in Summer 2022, and they might have changed since then. Read the comments or go to the official pages for the most recent prices. If an activity doesn’t show prices it means that it is free.

If you use Google Maps to navigate Tralei has a Pinned map list with all the attractions listed in this article that you can access by Clicking Here.

1. Lake Bled

Lake bled is a full-day excursion. There are plenty of touristy options to do at Lake Bled, In fact it is probably the most tourists place in all of Slovenia, so visiting is a must. As you probably already know Lake Bled has an island in the middle, and it is one of the main attractions as it has a church that is accessed after a boat ride, paddle, or swim and 99 steps.

In case you want to do any of these options here is the info:

  • Boat Ride: You can take the electric boats (no gasoline boats are allowed in the lake) which is 12 €/person for adults and 6€ for Children. You can also get your own rowing boat which is around 15€ for the first hour and then every 8€ for every additional hour.

  • Paddle: Paddle rental is around 10€/hour.

  • Swimming: For the most adventurous there is an option to swim 300 meters (1000 feet) from the closest spot of the lake to the stairs. But you won’t be able to access the church area without clothing.

The other main attraction of Lake Bled is visiting the Bled Castle which has gorgeous views. The price for that is:

2. Soteska Vintgar

Soteska Vintgar is a Gorge 4 Km away from Bled. There are multiple parking advertised on their page but only Parking 1 and Parking 2 are close to the main entrance. Because since COVID the trial is only one way. Parking is 5 EUR for each car.

The trail is 1,6 Km and it takes about an hour to complete it ends on the Sum Waterfall. In order to go back to your car, you have to walk back, either through a route which takes 1 hour or another that takes 1h and 25 min. There are also shuttles to the parking lots which run around 8 EUR/person. It is convenient to take them as the way back isn’t very scenic.

 The price entry price is:

3. Waterfall Pericnik

Waterfall Pernic is actually made out of two Waterfalls a 16-meter waterfall called Zgornji Slap and a 52-meter waterfall called Spodnji slap (Slap means waterfall in Slovenian).

Even though there is a sign on the road that says no parking for the next 7,5 km on the road there is a Parking Lot (Click For location) right at the beginning of the trail. You will also find some picnic tables.

There are two routes to the waterfall. Both of them are steep but one is secured and the other isn’t. The non-secured is a loop of 600m and the secured is 350 meters each way.  Both take about 30 minutes to complete. 

Visitors who exercise due caution and wear hiking boots can approach the waterfall from the back. But be ready to get wet! 

Swimming is Prohibited.

The Peričnik Fall, which was created after the last Ice Age, is one of the youngest waterfalls in Slovenia. Before the last Ice Age, glacial rivers deposited huge quantities of material, mostly gravel, in the lower part of the Vrata valley. These deposits eventually hardened into the conglomerate. During the last Ice Age, the glacier cut into the conglomerate rock, deepened the valley floor and created an impressive, nearly 100-metre-high conglomerate cliff. The water that flows over the cliff in two steep drops now forms the Peričnik Fall.

4 & 5. Soča River & Slap Kozjak

Soča River 

In order to access the Kozjak Waterfall, you need to Park (Parking 1 & Parking 2) your car and start a route right next to the Soca River.

 While Driving You can stop at Napoleons Bridge (Click for location) for the view of the Soča River

During the trail, you will find a wooden hanging bridge that you can walk through with beautiful scenery on both sides of the river. 

 You can access the river on multiple spots and swim on it but the water is pretty cold even during summer.

Kozjak Waterfall is just one of many waterfalls on the Kozjak stream which originates high below the Krnčica mountain range. On its way to the valley, it is joined by many smaller streams. The Kozjak waterfall is 15 meters high and the cave in which it is located gives it special magic. Because of this, the locals used to call it a waterfall in the church.

Slap Kozjak 

If you continue the trail you will get to the Kozjak Waterfall which has an entry fee between 7:00 and 20:00 daily (If you go after 20:00 you will be able to visit the waterfall completely free).

 These were the fees in 2022:

The route to the trail from the Ticket Kiosk is very short (about 5 minutes) from the parking lot the trail is about 25 minutes each way.

6. Slap Virje

Slap Virje is a nice stop if you are coming from the north to Visit the Soča River & Slap Kozjak.

It is just 5 minutes away walking downhill (through a foot trail, so shoes are recommended) from the Parking Spot which is 5 EUR. 

There are nice benches to sit and look at the waterfall and it is a nice area for a picnic.

Swimming is prohibited.

7. Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is Like Lake Bled, but less touristy and without an Island in the middle.  It is nice to just relax and go for a swim/paddle or boat ride.

There are plenty of parking lots which run about 3 EUR/hour.

After you are done swimming, and sunbathing and going arround the lake we reccomend you visiting Mostnica George which is only 2 Km away from the bridge.


In case you are looking for more stuff to do around Bohinj Click Here.

8. Mostnica Gorge

Mostnica George is Very close to Lake Bohinj.

The closest Parking is 3 EUR/hour and from there you have to walk 30 minutes to the entrance. The complete route from the parking lot is around 3,6 Km. You can also try to park in Stara Fužina before getting to the parking but there is not much parking available. You will have to add 1,2 km to your route if you start there.

When you get to the parking you will see a toll road that cost 15 EUR. The road will let you closer to the Gorge but there is no parking available.

Swimming is Prohibited. And hiking boots are recommended.

There is an entry fee to access the best part of the gorge charged between 7:30 AM–6:00 PM:

9. Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the Capital of Slovenia and the recommended place to stay in order to visit Skocjan Caves, Piran, and Maribor. You can find multiple paid parking spots to leave your car in the city. 

The main activities are walking around The channels, squares and bridges:  Prešeren Square, Butchers’ Bridge (picture), Ljubljana Cathedral and the Ljubljana Castle where you have a view of the entire city.

To access the Ljubljana Castle there are two options: walking through stairs which can be accessed in these two spots (Spot 1 and Spot 2) which is totally free or taking the funicular which includes:

  • Museum of Puppetry
  • Viewing Tower and Virtual Castle
  • exhibition of Slovenian History
  • funicular railway – return ticket

10. Maribor

Maribor is the second biggest city in Slovenia (only under the capital Ljubljana).

The city of Maribor is known for its vineyards (it has oldest grapevine in the world)  and for being a city that is home form many university students. It is surrounded by the Drava River which makes it even more picturesque.

The vest way to visit the city is to explore old town of Maribor. You can start on the main square Mariborska Promenada, where you will see numerous buildings that have shaped the history of the Štajerska region. And stopping to taste all their culinary options.

11. Skocjan Caves

Most people have been to underground caves and they all look the same, but the Skocjan Caves are different.

 The main part of the cave can only be done trough a guided tour, that lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes and a total of 2,5 Km. You’ll walk for 10 minutes to the entrance of the cave and then you’ll divide into groups. The guide will stop and explain the different parts of the cave. The first part of the cave is just like any other cave until you get to the 800-meter chamber and the underground lake. 

For the guided part of the tour, Pictures are not allowed

The temperature inside the cave is 12 ºC (53 ºF) so a sweater is recommended. Shoes are also recommended.


When you finish the guided tour you have 3 options:

  1. Walk for 300 meters, 15 min back to the Parking lot.

  2. Take a 600 meters, 30 min route through the exterior of the cave.

  3. A 2,5 km hour and a half route that visits other caves and Georges and which is the most scenic.

(Note that all the times are for slow walkers, we did the last trail, which is where the picture was taken and it took us 55min)  

Pricing depends on the season, here is the table

12. Piran

Piran is the best coastal city in Slovenia, it is very picturesque and it is bathed by the Adriatic sea, making its waters very warm. 

To visit the old city all tourist must leave their car in a Parking lot and walk to the city or take the complimentary shuttle bus to the city. Only Residents are allowed to drive their cars inside.

The main activities to do in piran are relaxing in the beach, walking through the old town all the way up to the tower clock, which has amazing views (The pice to go up is 2 EUR, there are also great views from the fortress) and  trying their seafood.

If you think we forgot to mention anything, don’t hesitate to write in the comment section!

Thank you for reading!

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