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Lacs de Fusine (Fusine Lakes)

Welcome to this guide to Lacs de Fusine.

Lacs de Fusine are two glacial lakes in Italy, that are very close to the Slovenian Border. There is a superior lake and an inferior lake (Laghi di Fusine Inferiore)

How To Get To Lacs de Fusine.

Fuisne lakes are located in the town of Treviso, being surrounded by Mountain chains the only good option to access is by car. The main and biggest nearby towns aren’t even in Italy, Kranjska Gora, in Slovenia, which is 20 minutes away (14Km), and Villach in Austria, which is 35 minutes away (36 Km).

There are no connecting buses from other countries, but from Italy, there is a bus line, (203) that will drop you off 40 minutes away from the lakes


Entrance fee To Lacs de Fusine.

There is only a parking fee to enter Lacs de Fusine, which is 4 euros for each car, you can enter for free if you don’t bring a vehicle.

There is also a 3 euro fee for Motorcycles and 15 euro for Campers.

Good to Know in Lacs de Fusine.

  • The loop around Lago di Fusine Superiore is 2km in length and takes about 45 minutes to complete.

  • The loop around Lago di Fusine Inferiore is 1.7 km in length and takes about 30 minutes to complete.
  • The full loop including both lakes: 4.2 km, around 1h 30min.
  • There are picnic tables on the inferior lake.

  • There is a restaurant where you can eat.

Other Activities Nearby Lacs de Fusine.

Here Are other activities and distances from Lacs De Fusine, all links take to the Google Maps Page of the Landmark

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