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Best Coves in Menorca

There are plenty of coves in Menorca. In this article, we will review, show you pictures, and give you directions to the 7 Best Coves in Menorca.

In Spanish Cove is “Cala” and in this post, we will be discovering the best in Menorca.  We have added the best coves to the map below so it is fast and easy to locate them and then we will have a bit of information about how to get to them, the surroundings, parking, and some pictures and videos. We also have selected the best for snorkeling, accessibility, and diving:

1. Cala en Brut

Close to Ciutadella, we can find Cala en Brut which is known as the best cove to cliff dive in Menorca, as it has multiple jumps all with different heights ranging from 1 meter to 12 meters, making it great for all levels of adrenaline and expertise.

This cove has no sand and there isn’t big parking, so you will need to park on the street. If you are looking for sand there is also a cove nearby with a sand beach and a couple of bar-restaurants called Cala en Blanes

2. Cala Galdana

Cala Galdana is the most accessible cove in Menorca,  and the biggest one too. It is surrounded by hotels,  shops, and restaurants. There are parking spots close to the beach but during summer season it is hard to get parking closer to the beach and you will need to go to this parking lot.

On the left side of the beach, some stairs go up to a viewpoint of the entire Beach. These Stairs are also the ones you can take to access Cala Mitjana

3 & 4. Calas Macarella & Macarelleta

These two are also very famous and close together. From May to September, the main parking lot is closed which leaves everyone with two options:

  • Walking from Galdana Cove: It’s an easy route of  2,5 Km (about 45 min). Here is the trailhead & parking.
  • Take a private bus from Ciutadella, which costs about 8 EUR per person. Tickets can be purchased here.
Cala Macarella

5. Cala en Turqueta

This is one of the hardest coves to get to during the summer season as it has a very limited parking of 100 cars, and once the parking is full there will be security guards preventing you from accessing the last stretch of the road which is of 4.7 km. They won’t let anyone in until 20 cars have left. (And no, at the the access control  (click for location) there is a roundabout where security will ask you to leave, there is no option to wait until cars come out, as otherwise the line on the wall road would just be collapsed).

If you want to get to Turqueta you are left with three options:

  • Wake up early: We went in August and we were told that we had to arrive no later than 7 A.M. if we wanted to find parking. We got to the parking lot at 7:35 A.M. and we could still find a spot, but some people that this was their 3rd attempt to get to the cove as they weren’t allowed to get in during previous days. The security guards start working at 8 A.M.
  • Go by bus: During summer there is an option to take line 68 from Ciutadella (Check Schedules)
  • Walk from Cala Galdana: The trail is easy, but 6.4 km long (2:15 – 2:30 hours) this trail is called and goes through Macarella and Macarelleta coves


After the parking spot, you still have to walk to the beach for 1 Km.

We must say that Turqueta wasn’t that special, it is similar to Macarella and Macarelleta.

6. Cala Mitjana

Cala Galdana can only be accessed walking, and many people decide to go from Cala Galdana as it’s nearby. If you decide to go through Galdana the trail starts at the left end of the beach, with plenty of stairs, once you go up turn left until you get to the trailhead (click for location). 

Alternatively, you can try parking at the parking lot right next to the trailhead but it is usually full. Another option is parking on that same street but in the busiest weeks of summer police will cut the road and you will have to park in the bigger parking lot which is 600m away from the trailhead.

7. Cala Sa Olla

Cala Sa Olla is right next to the beutiful town of Binibeca, and problably the  best for snorkelling  due to the large amout of fish that can be found.

There is limited parking on the street nearby and it is reccomended to arrive early as the place is very small and often gets busy.

8. Cala en Bosch


If you think we forgot to mention anything, don’t hesitate to write in the comment section!

Thank you for reading!

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